Dream The Collective

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing my friend and fraternity brother Jace Perkins.

Jace is an artist of unique sorts.

Born to hardworking parents, Jace’s art was not always valued as a child. Like many creatives, his talent was seen as a hobby rather than a potential source of income. Despite the lack of strong support he continued to draw, creating dazed bunnies and whimsical clouds.

It wasn’t until his trip to Costa Rica last summer that he realized that art was his passion and true calling. “I had so much time to think,” he said. During the trip he began to dream up his company Dream Collective in depth. The idea was to assemble a group of creative individuals with fashion being at the core of the company.

Today with the help of his team, his customized hand painted hats sale through the online store dreamcollection.co. With a strong social media push and word of mouth marketing the success of the business continues to grow.

This is only the start for Dream. As time progresses Jace plans to expand the brand, painting his clouds on a range of items including shoes, clothing, and cars.

Dream The Collective

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