Eli the Piano Player

Elijah Johnson is a piano playing student at Eastern Illinois University. After losing his aunt nearly three years ago he found comfort in music, piano music in particular. Although he’d been around the keys his entire life his family wouldn’t allow him to play and instead encouraged him to put his efforts into the drums.

It wasn’t until just a year ago that Eli began playing the piano seriously. Since then his talents haven’t gone unnoticed as he’s received numerous gigs including a team up with Keyanna, another artist on his campus.

Despite the short time he’s been playing, Eli’s ear for music has made him a quick learner and excellent player. He credits himself on having interest in an extensive range of genres. “Music is like food. It’s a buffet and every genre has a different taste.” Eli has no plans to stop playing and looks forward to seeing where the music takes him.

Eli the Piano Player

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